Club History

Deane and Derby Cricket Club is based at Sunnyside Park, Chelsea Road, Bolton. The ground, which includes a pavilion, is part of the wider Sunnyside Park. It is not the first time it has been put to sporting use as it was first used as a cricket pitch by workers from Tootals works at Sunnyside Mill.

Deane and Derby Cricket Club was founded in 1969 by the Club’s current President Mr Raoof Haroon Raja, the Club was then known as Young Muslim Cricket Club.

Mr Raja together with aspiring young cricketers from the Gujarat state of India played friendly matches with local Asian Teams in the Bolton and Lancashire area. As the enthusiasm grew with in the playing members in 1972, they joined the Bolton and District Cricket Association 2nd Division playing on the Church Road ground as their home venue. This was the club’s first attempt to play competitive cricket at league level.

The Bolton & District Association as chronicled in “Cotton Town Cricket” published in 1988, as part of the Association’s century celebrations states, that the Association is the oldest of Lancashire’s many Cricket Leagues and in fact the second oldest in the world, being beaten to the title by the Birmingham and District Cricket League by just one year. However, it boasts that it is the only organised Cricket body in the world to have carried on regular unbroken competitions since the last century. As competitive matches did not cease during either of the two world wars.

In 1973 the Club’s home venue moved from Leverhulme park (Council Pitch) when the club tasted success, the first of many, by wining the League Championship known as Isherwod Cup which is believed to be the oldest trophy in Lancashire. The success of the club continued unabated and without any serious challenges from any club between 1979 to 1982 when the club lifted the trophy in succession.

In 1974 the Association decided to form a second division and won success from the first team, winning the championship the members decided to field a second team in the newly formed B section. The first team were again Champions of the Division and the Second team and also became Champions by winning the Howarth Cup at the first attempt. Also, that year the club joined what was known as Lancashire Asian League, this was a league which was created by an Asian Businessman to bring all the Asian cricket clubs together in Lancashire e.g. Bolton, Blackburn, Preston, Manchester etc. The club won all the rounds and also won the Lancashire Asian Shield.